Verify identity remotely.In the blink of an eye.

Every customer counts.
Onboard them easily and protect them and your business.
In browser. In app. In seconds.



Reduce friction for your customers

Reduce friction for your customers

Your customers want to transact with you not spend hours or days waiting to have their identity verified.

Save time through automation

Save time through automation

Automated real-time decisioning is finally possible when you have technology that actually works.

Quick and easy to setup

Quick and easy to setup

Simple APIs and proven first class support mean that we can get your business up and running quickly, no matter how big or small you are.

Next generation ID verification at your fingertips

  • No mobile app download required.
  • Built from the ground up to adhere to the world’s strictest privacy and security standards.
  • Externally certified so you don't have to just take our word for it.
  • Plug-and-play integration with third party data providers to provide comprehensive data verification.
  • Includes functionality to allow customer support staff to guide customers through the ID Verification and Video Verification processes.

How it works

Frictionless user experience and fraud-proof verification – step-by-step

Step 1

Customers starts their verification

Activate the ID verification via text message, email, in-store or via a QR code.

It's quite a feat that our technology and platform can all be run in a mobile browser - limiting the need for cumbersome app installs.

Step 2

Real-time OCR and fraud assessment

The customer captures their ID document and we do the rest. Our auto-detect functionality means that you don't even need to specify the document you're using.

We’ve invested years of research and development and millions of dollars to perfect our core biometric technologies and to train our advanced algorithms.

Step 3

Liveness detection and face matching

The customer proves they are real and living – with a simple smile. The process is quick, non-intrusive and fully accessible, with audio guidance.

The liveness detection is done real-time via a completely secure encrypted video stream – even on mobile web browser. With absolutely no opportunity for modification

On average, the entire process is completed by the customer in less than a minute, with a definitive verification result in seconds (not minutes).

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Detailed IDV and fraud intelligence data

View all ID verifications in our web-based portal.

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Fraud intelligence data you can trust

Fraud intelligence data you can trust

Fraudulent attempts are flagged and supported by data for review and analysis.

Speed up your compliance processes

Speed up your compliance processes

Use our Portal to give the final okay to automatically approved customers.

Tailor customer flows to meet your needs

Tailor customer flows to meet your needs

Set up and initiate verification flows based on your specific compliance requirements.