Webinar: Identity Fraud in an Economic Downturn

06 Dec 2022
06 Dec 2022

How is the current economic recession impacting fraud?

We’ve surveyed 250+ FinTechs to gain critical insights and inform this expert-led panel on identity fraud in an economic downturn. In a 45-minute discussion, financial crime experts unpack the results, discussing emerging identity fraud trends, innovative strategies to mitigate risk, and future predictions for turbulent times. It’s the perfect session for FinTechs and financial institutions looking to weather the economic storm with a fraud-smart strategy.


  • Adam Desmond - Sales Director @ OCR Labs
  • Shay Oshinusi - Financial Crime & Onboarding Lead @ Mettle
  • James Nurse - Managing Director @ FINTRAIL
  • Ciara Aitchison - Director @ FINTRAIL

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